The COFAS was formed in June of 2002 at the combined meeting of the Canadian and American Orthopaedic Associations. Since then, the COFAS has made considerable progress towards setting up a national study on the outcomes of end stage arthritis of the ankle.

Mission Statement

The COFAS is a group of orthopaedic surgeons who aim to promote excellence in clinical foot and ankle care in Canada by:

  • Serving as the primary organization dedicated to foot and ankle clinical care, education and research in Canada.
  • Functioning as the leading resource for education of the Canadian public, orthopaedic surgeons, the general medical community, government, and industry on foot and ankle care.
  • Promoting research in foot and ankle care.
  • Serving the members as a forum for discussion of problems unique to foot and ankle care in Canada.
  • Developing resources that will help Canadian Orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons in addressing local practice-related issues such as quality improvement, coding, reimbursement, legislation, cost of care and access to care.
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